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Novallia offers a service that combines expertise in occupational health and safety (regulations and operations) with solid skills in work psychology. Our expert, with a doctorate in work psychology, is specialized in the prevention of psychosocial risks.


The accompaniment, consisting of a diagnosis and an action plan, is precisely adapted to the company in order to guarantee both the well-being of the employees and the company's objectives.


Independence is an important value for our teams. We emphasize it in all our services, and even more so in the case of psychosocial risks.
Using an expert from outside the company allows you to guarantee the confidentiality, impartiality and authenticity of the diagnosis and recommendations for preventing psychosocial risks.

Defining psychosocial risks

Psychosocial risks include a range of risky work situations that can have consequences for the health of people in the work environment.

There are several types of risk:

  • Burnout
  • Internal violence within the company (conflicts, harassment)
  • Violence external to the company (threats, external aggression)

Psychosocial risk factors

Organizational factors

Socio-economic context of the company, change of management, merger, takeover, changes in business lines, changes in work teams…

Factors related to work requirements

Workload, paradoxical injunctions, pressure, unrealistic objectives in relation to the actual payroll…

Factors related to the employee’s requirements

Perception of a lack of progression, a lack of recognition and a lack of meaning in one’s work; difficulty in separating professional and private life, lack of autonomy, inability to produce quality…

Relational factors

No hierarchical or peer support, competition between employees


The consequences of psychosocial risks

On personal health

Malaise, mental and physical suffering (MSD, fatigue, sleep disorders, heart disease), addictions (alcohol, drugs, food)…

About the company

Financial costs: increased turnover, decreased productivity, increased recruitment, training and contribution costs, increased absenteeism…

Social costs: degraded work atmosphere, recurrent complaints, negative image and loss of attractiveness…

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Our detailed services:

Audits and diagnostics

Due to constant innovation and organizational changes, Psychosocial Risks (PSR) have been developing increasingly within organizations. Stress, conflicts, harassment, they take many forms and can affect the motivation and health of your employees and significantly increase the costs of your organization.

Calling on Novallia for a PSR audit

Novallia offers a PSR diagnosis in several steps.
First, we gather the stakeholders and conduct an analysis of the current situation using the documents provided by the company and the information listed.
We set upindividual and/or group interviews (focus group) in order to confirm the development axis of the targeted problem(s).
We use scientific quantitative tools adapted to the company in order to objectify the perceptions of the organization and we analyze these tools using statistical software.
We can also analyze tools that have already been put in place by the organization toanalyze the social climate.

Finally, based on the results, we propose an action plan to be implemented within the organization and a follow-up of the effectiveness of the adopted measures. Process renewal audits and/or support in the implementation of the action plan are also proposed in our services.

To know (Switzerland)

The prevention of RPS is present in the MSST Directive (point 9) and is part of the legal obligations (Art. 55 and 328 CO, Art. 6, 59 and 60 LTr, Art. 3 OLT 3, art. 82 LAA)

To know (France)

The prevention of RPS is part of the legal obligations (Article L. 4121-1 of the Labour Code) and national agreements (National Interprofessional Agreement on Stress – July 2, 2008; National Interprofessional Agreement on Harassment and Violence at Work – March 26, 2010)

To Know (Africa)

The prevention of PSR is increasingly regulated by law, as mental health is now part of occupational health and safety. Each year, PHI can cost companies billions of dollars (Gallup Poll, 2017).

Psychosocial risk support

Novallia offers support in managing RPS after diagnosing the problems present on site.

In particular, we offer

  • setting up focus groups
  • the animation of targeted trainings
  • advice on human resources and psychological health systems at work
  • advice on the implementation of secondary or tertiary prevention measures, etc.
  • awareness-raising actions on PSRs that do not require a prior diagnosis.

For more information, please contact us.

Our strengths:

  • Objective assessment of PSRs using quantitative tools
  • Development of action plans and easy-to-use indicators for monitoring PSR
  • Realization of trainings and sensitization of the employees

Going deeper into the subject:

RPS sheet Switzerland/France/Africa

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