The energy sector faces many challenges in controlling the risks inherent to this field. First and foremost, it is necessary to master all the regulatory risks in the areas of safety, health and safety and the environment within the framework of national and international regulations. Then look at the regulatory requirements for the transportation of dangerous goods. And finally, other actions can be undertaken for safety culture, reduction of greenhouse gases or ATEX or crisis management plans.

Novallia’s global offer to meet your challenges:

Audit – Diagnosis to evaluate risks
Control and monitoring
Prevention and action plans: Operational and regulatory assistance
+ Monitoring and regulatory compliance


Global regulation of the transportation and logistics sector is constantly growing and changing. The changes must be anticipated so that the companies concerned can maintain their efficiency and always remain compliant with their commitments.

Novallia supports these changes with a digitalized solution for regulatory and normative monitoring and compliance. Continuously updated databases allow us to be at the forefront of regulatory news. An ergonomic web application in SaaS mode provides the organization with an extremely precise management of its compliance.


According to the ADR, each company whose activity involves the transport of dangerous goods by road, or the packaging, loading, filling or unloading operations related to such transport, shall designate one or more safety advisorsThe purpose of these activities is to help prevent risks to people, property or the environment inherent to these activities.

Novallia supports its customers in the energy sector, particularly in the transportation of hazardous waste.


Safety culture represents the set of values, beliefs and behaviors shared by the actors of an organization to control the most important risks of their activity.

The approach consists in helping you to set up and maintain in the long term a process ofManagement of the Productionin Safety.


Novallia assists companies in determining ATEX zones. Within the framework of the prevention of the explosion risk, the determination of the ATEX risk zones is essential. This zoning makes it possible to establish the adequacy of the electrical and electronic material present in these zones. The resulting DRPE (Document Relative la Protection contre les Explosions) is established at the end of the service.


Novallia offers a general service in the organization and structuring of the POI with the following steps:

  • Initial diagnosis and literature review
  • Highlighting of assets and areas for improvement
  • Creation and provision of a complete and exhaustive Internal Operation Plan adapted to the specificities of the sites
  • Proposal of an optimized crisis management organization adapted to each case
  • Support in the implementation of the Internal Operation Plan and in the realization of training exercises


Novallia designs and delivers training courses adapted to the needs of companies in the fields of Environment, Health and Safety, Risks and Management Systems.

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