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Why Novallia

Our assets

A global vision of risk management

Conducting your environmental analysis

The total (or partial) execution of your environmental analysis, according to the new normative constraints

Integration of environmental aspects and impacts

Integrating environmental aspects and impacts into your new projects

Complete and adapted action plan

The proposal of complete action plans adapted to your needs and constraints

Adaptability and relevance

Adaptability and relevance to meet specific needs

Operational interventions

Operational interventions, fully integrated into your teams, to increase efficiency

Monitoring, follow-up and reporting

Complete management and monitoring of all projects, with monthly reporting

Mastery of regulatory constraints

The guarantee of respect and control of regulatory constraints in all your projects

How on-site assistance works

During an on-site assistance service, one or more qualified QHSE engineers are provided by Novallia.

This technical support can last from half a day to 5 days a week, for a period of several weeks to several months.

The objectives of our engineers

The mission of the engineerswill be to ensure the monitoring and control of the QHSE projects, in compliance with the deadlines set for it.

This assistance includes all or part of the tasks necessary for the industrial site to properly manage this function, such as

  • Monitoring of regulatory and operational control
  • Monitoring compliance, in particular with the Prefectoral Decree
  • Developing Action Plans
  • Updating risk assessments and analysis :
  • Professionel risk analysis document (Document Unique): annual update and assessment of new installations
  • Chemical risks
  • Environmental analysis
  • Monitoring and management of safety data sheets
  • Implementation and monitoring of compliance with procedures
  • Monthly QHSE reports
  • Internal audit
  • Other usual tasks related to the environment or safety on the site…

In accordance with the company’s stated needs, QHSE engineers mainly carry out their tasks on the industrial site and are therefore fully integrated into the on-site teams.

In this context, they are hierarchically attached to and report directly to a site manager.

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