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Radiation protection

Companies, whose personnel are exposed to ionizing radiation, face the following challenges:

  • On the one hand, to ensure the safety of people and the security of installations by respecting the prevention – anticipation – cost equation.
  • On the other hand, to perpetuate their activity by a rigorous management of the normative and regulatory reference frames.
  • And finally, to master all the fields of application relating to ionizing risks.

Our services against ionizing risks

To control these risks, Novallia offers companies:

  • Proven engineering know-how on custom projects
  • Global expertise: local teams / national expertise centers / dedicated departments / partner networks
  • Ability to adapt to customer requirements and needs
  • Proven experience in coaching and auditing in environments under intense regulatory scrutiny
  • Training and skills management policy adapted to the sector
  • Continuous innovation and reference in terms of radiation protection
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