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Technical and regulatory expertise recognized by all the companies we support

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We take into account threats related to security, safety and the environment thanks to easy-to-use action sheets.

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Ergonomic management tools and support adapted to resources, production constraints and implementation deadlines

Today, no company is immune to a crisis. The company no longer derives its legitimacy solely from its financial results, but also from the image it projects, which has become decisive in the credibility it tends to inspire

Calling on Novallia for emergency management

Novallia helps companies anticipate and characterize the potential crisis. With more than 10 years of recognized technical and regulatory expertise, Novallia offers, as part of a global service, simple ergonomic management tools as well as support adapted to your resources, your production constraints and your implementation deadlines.

Our response to emergency situations

The crisis management plan allows for an efficient and precise response to activate an emergency cell. The latter will be able to control and manage a degraded situation requiring an organization and unusual means on the site.

Good emergency management allows the company to avoid a financial, human, technical and media crisis.

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A crisis management plan consists of several phases:


An initial diagnosis of emergency situations


Definition of the organization of the crisis cell


The realization of a methodological guide for the management of emergency situations


A proposed framework for crisis communications. As communication can be a determining element in the management of a crisis, Novallia will establish a guide to meet communication needs from the first hour of the crisis until the crisis is resolved.


Support in the deployment of the emergency management plan as well as in the implementation of emergency situations

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