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Novallia designs custom-made solutions for regulatory compliance and risk prevention

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They have trusted us for several years

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Highly efficient regulatory monitoring

Our services are adapted to the needs of each company in terms of compliance, regulatory monitoring and any other reference system

Compliance audit

Text by text, requirement by requirement, by Audit Grid


In real time, by site or by group of sites


Advanced Mastery

Field Experience + Web Applications

The expertise of our field engineers and the flexibility of our web applications allow us to offer customized solutions, adaptable to each situation

Initial on-site audit

The Compliance Audit is conducted by our engineers on your site

Unlimited assistance

Unlimited regulatory assistance, online dialogue, assistance with compliance assessment and action plans, training, regulatory newsletters.

Our Values

International, independent, ethical and human

From a human relationship always based on frankness and clarity, Novallia accompanies its customers throughout the world by guaranteeing the absolute confidentiality of the data


Our European and African teams work together to carry out ambitious and international projects for our clients.

Our clients

From various sectors such as chemicals, transport, energy, aeronautics or services... they trust us to manage their risks and compliance

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Customized solutions to ensure compliance and risk management

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