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To be able to determine the corrective actions to be implemented both in terms of your administrative regulatory situation and the control of your environmental impacts (aqueous discharges, atmospheric discharges, waste, noise pollution, etc.)

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To provide a snapshot of the environmental situation of your site at any given time

The environmental diagnosis is the basic action allowing the company to identify its environmental impacts. Whether it is to comply with regulations or to reduce waste-related costs (soil pollution, asbestos, carbon footprint, etc.), companies must now be concerned about managing and controlling their environmental impacts.

Novallia proposes an environmental diagnostic which is an essential first step, allowing the company to manage the technical, organizational and regulatory aspects of the environment by :

  • the identification, on site, of activities and facilities that cause environmental impacts
  • the determination of the regulations applicable to the site under the ICPE and other fields (water, air, waste…)
  • identification of organizational measures and existing documents (procedures, instructions, verifications, training, etc.)
  • identification of the organizational measures and documents required to comply with the regulations
  • On-site evaluation of compliance with regulations based on a documentary and field audit
  • the return of non-conformities identified
  • assistance in developing an action plan
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