Regulatory watch


Each company being unique, this method is general but adapted to each site or activity.

1. First step: selection of themes and list of applicable texts – establishment of the regulatory register

The provision of the Tool (and the 6 services that are part of it) requires two prerequisites:
Determination of regulatory themes (Environment, Safety, Energy, etc.)
the elaboration of the list of applicable texts and for information that will be attributed to the Personalized Base.
This list :
is transmitted by the Site under its own responsibility
or developed by Novallia following a site visit.
This stage is conventionally referred to as the “Initial State”.

2. Transfer of existing data

Does your Site already have a monitoring and compliance system or tool and you want to keep this data?
-> Novallia offers you to take over the existing data in order to ensure the continuity of your work.
Is your Site subject to any requirements other than those of European or national law?
-> Novallia will be able to format them and integrate them into your regulatory base: Group requirements, local requirements such as prefectural decree, connection agreement, standard, etc.

The data collection also includes evaluations and action plans.

3. Integration of other requirements in your custom base(s)

This is THE little extra of Novallia. Novallia’s lawyers take up the Group, Customer, normative or local requirements (municipal or agglomeration regulations, connection agreements, prefectural decree or equivalent)

4. Provision of simplified audit grids

Particularly suitable for numerous sites, construction sites or activities that do not present any particular risk, this solution allows for a partial but targeted compliance analysis.

The advantage of the audit grids is that they simplify the regulatory requirements in a clear language that is accessible to everyone, select the most relevant ones and group them into coherent and therefore very operational sets.

5. Assistance in Compliance Assessment

To save time in regulatory compliance assessments, Novallia offers you its expertise to perform regulatory compliance assessments with you. The engineer in charge of monitoring the site(s) will go on site to carry out these assessments, based on a detailed visit of the installations and equipment and an analysis of the associated documents.

Assistance is also available for the generation of action plans which represent the logical follow-up to the requirements to be verified, non-compliant or compliant with deadline.

6. Customized newsletters

Depending on the company’s request, personalized watch bulletins are sent out monthly or quarterly.

7. Quarterly personalized conference call

8. Annual update and validation on site

9. Triennial update of compliance assessments

10. Roles within the application

In the application, user roles are customizable: for example, Main User and Administrator.

Outsourcing your regulatory watch with Novallia means gaining efficiency and time to anticipate changes.

Your needs

1. Be informed in real time of regulatory changes specific to your activity (and also in case of change of activity):

  • new applicable text,
  • modification of an existing text,
  • repeal of a text,
  • draft new text

Regulatory or legal monitoring in the areas of the environment, occupational health and safety and security is a key point and an important issue for companies.

2. Manage your compliance with these and other regulatory requirements (standards, internal regulations, etc.). And this to protect your employees, your image and your performance, to avoid non-conformities and their sometimes disastrous consequences.

Our customized solution in 3 areas

Novallia helps you in this challenge: we organize the monitoring and we assist you in the compliance!

We have developed a tailor-made offer including databases in a web application with unique services for a regulatory monitoring service adapted to each situation. This offer allows each site and each Group to have permanent and continuous access to essential regulatory information, regardless of its size and activity. It also facilitates the compliance of sites and projects.

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