Regulatory files

Environmental Impact Assessment (TN-MA-SN)

Obligation of the environmental impact study

The EIA approved by the National Agency for Environmental Protection (ANPE) is a mandatory part of the file that the project owner must submit to the administration to obtain authorization to start the work.

Novallia ensures the elaboration, the filing and the follow-up of the environmental impact study with the ANPE until its approval. The methodology proposed by Novallia is based on the sectoral terms of reference and on the standards in force and can be summarized in five key parts:

  1. Preparation of a detailed description of the unit
  2. Analysis of the initial state of the site and its environment
  3. Analysis of the foreseeable direct and indirect consequences of the unit on the environment
  4. Determining the appropriate measures
  5. Preparation of the detailed environmental management plan for the unit.
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