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A global vision of risk management

Objective assessment

An objective assessment of the scenarios behind the malicious acts

Complete vulnerability analysis

A complete analysis of the site's vulnerability

An action plan of measures

An action plan of the measures to be implemented on all the items: guarding, installations, surroundings of the site, speakers, personnel, management of information...

Risks faced by companies

Industrial, logistics and administrative facilities are potential targets for malicious or criminal acts caused by third parties. These acts are characterized by trespassing and may be aimed at theft, damage or other acts of violence. They can therefore result in damage to :

  • people (employees, external parties, visitors, etc.)
  • to property (theft, damage or even destruction of installations, equipment, storage, means of transport, buildings, etc.)
  • to the environment.

The potential impact of safety risks

Like any incident or accident, these acts can therefore result in direct or indirect financial losses as a result of :

  • the decrease or the stop of the economic activity
  • the deterioration of the image, the loss of markets, the questioning of the civil and penal responsibility, etc.

The managers of the establishments concerned must protect the Site and the people working there, in particular by taking safety measures. The latter allow us to ensure, in the face of the risks incurred, the continuity of the activity, the safety of people and goods as well as the environment.

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