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Dossiers ICPE

Activities that are dangerous or inconvenient for the neighbourhood, public health, safety and hygiene, agriculture, nature or the environment are regulated. The law of 19 July 1976 on installations classified for environmental protection (ICPE) regulates these activities in order to reduce or avoid any pollution from these installations.

This law only applies to installations where one or more of the activities are included in a list called a nomenclature.

The law provides for three types of procedures, depending on the dangerousness of the activities mentioned in the nomenclature:

  • an authorization procedure for activities presenting serious dangers or inconveniences
  • a registration procedure for intermediate activities
  • a declaration procedure for activities that do not present such dangers

The application for authorization, which must be made before any operation, must demonstrate the acceptability of the risk by providing precise technical and financial information.

Novallia helps you to bring your site into compliance with the ICPE regulations by drawing up the application file for an operating permit.


Reconsideration files

In addition to their application for an operating permit, the operators of facilities covered by the 3000 headings of the ICPE nomenclature must submit a EN Dossier de réexamen in accordance with the provisions of articles R515-70 to 73, in application of the Directive 2010/75 of November 24, 2010, called IED “Industrial Emission Directive”.

This includes:

  • additions and updates to the initial application for authorization
  • an analysis of operations since the last review or over the past 10 years
  • an assessment of the operationand the Best Available Techniques (BAT)

This file, which includes an analysis of operations over 10 years, is completed by a comparison of the state of the techniques and technologies in use on the site with the Best Available Techniques (BAT), and the measures that can be taken from a technical and financial point of view to adopt the latter in order to prevent and reduce environmental nuisances.

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