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The obligation of the Solvant Management Plan

The realization of a Solvent Management Plan (SMP) is mandatory for the Installations Classified for the Protection of the Environment(ICPE) subject to authorization and consuming more than one ton of solvents per year.

The implementation of the Solvent Management Plan goes beyond the purely regulatory issues by highlighting the “good management” and control of the installations.

Why is the Solvent Management Plan necessary?

This Solvent Management Plan is a real tool:

  • It also allows us to quantify emissions, prioritize emission sources and define priority actions to reduce VOC emissions. It can thus logically be part of a reflection on the control of “VOC” impacts through the implementation of “Clean Technologies”.
  • assessment of explosion risks in the sense of the “ATEX” regulation, for which we implement calculation methods to justify the dimensioning of zones classified as hazardous.

Novallia’s solutions

Novallia proposes to elaborate a Solvent Management Plan in accordance with the INERIS elaboration guide by carrying out an audit, an assessment and then a presentation report of the results which will allow to consider improvement axes.

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