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MASE – Manual for the improvement of the Safety – Health – Environment of Companies

The objective of the MASE management system

The aim of the MASE system is the continuous and sustainable improvement of companies’ Safety – Health – Environment performances.

The MASE management system for manufacturers

On the one hand, it is a question of improving the company’s security sector through an adapted management system, but also of improving the internal organization and communication. These improvements are made with the objective of acquiring better conditions of intervention for the employees, and also to progress in cohesion thanks to the implementation of a common language.

In fact, MASE is both a reference and a certification in terms of Safety-Health-Environment. This text represents a good basis for reflection for the company’s management in order to structure its approach. Organizations implement this management system to anchor their goal of sustainable improvement.

Finally, the certification (for the common MASE-UIC system) is awarded by the steering committee, after an audit.

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