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Chemical risk assessment

Chemical risk assessment makes it possible to control the risks to which workers are exposed through contact with these products and to determine precise prevention measures

Why Novallia

Our assets

A global vision of risk management

Proper identification and signage

Appropriate identification and signage of chemical risks

Performing a risk assessment

The realization of risk assessment, integrating the dangerousness of chemical agents and the conditions of exposure of the employees.

Provision of an evaluation tool

The provision of a relevant and adapted chemical risk assessment tool, according to the CLP regulation

Optimized monitoring and management

An optimized follow-up and management of the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) of the products and substances used

Formalization of simplified summary sheets

Creation of Notices

The realization of relevant and adapted job descriptions for the workstations

Chemical risk training

Chemical risk training by a qualified engineer, including practical exercises

Consulting and training

Advice and training on means of prevention and protection

The context of chemical risk assessment

First of all, a decree: the Decree n°2003-1254 of December 2, 2003 (Article R4412-5 of the Labor Code). This requires the employer to assess the risks to the health and safety of workers for any activity that may present a risk of exposure to hazardous chemical agents. This chemical risk assessment process, an essential step in the implementation of an appropriate prevention policy, is often difficult to carry out because of the large number of substances and preparations used.

Novallia’s approach

The first objective of chemical risk assessment is to respond quickly and pragmatically to the regulations by :
  • Identifying all the chemicals used by workers
  • Collecting risk data
  • Evaluating the risks to which each worker is exposed through an analysis of the operating conditions
Then, the second objective is to define a chemical risk control policy on :
  • Risk reduction
  • Improvement of operating conditions
  • Individual protection of workers
  • Monitoring


Novallia adapts to the companies and situations of each country. For example, in Senegal, Decree No. 2006-1257 of 15 November 2006 governs the protection of workers from chemical risks.
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