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On-site assistance to carry out the annual update of the document and the analysis of specific risks

The general safety obligation incumbent on the employer must lead him to take all necessary measures to ensure the safety and protect the health of workers (France: Article L4121-1 of the Labor Code – Tunisia: Article 152-2 of the Labor Code)

In Senegal, the Ministry of Labor establishes its worker protection policy through a comprehensive document and decrees.

In Switzerland, the employer also has the obligation to protect the workers. SUVA makes all the documentation available.

The Occupational Risk Assessment (ORA) is a key element of this prevention process. It is the starting point and allows, in a rapidly changing environment, to choose appropriate preventive actions and to provide, in front of determined risks, answers and complete solutions which are not only “technical”.

The objective is to:

  • Respond quickly and pragmatically to regulatory requirements
  • Prioritize risks at workstations
  • To allow an easy management of the Single Document and a regular update
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