Industrial risks

ATEX risk – Zoning

Why Novallia

Our assets

A global vision of risk management

Availability and specific listening skills

Availability and specific attention to your needs and constraints

Tailored advice

Thanks to a complete support in the understanding and apprehension of the risks linked to ATEX, we can customise our recommendations to the company and to the specific regulations of each country.

Optimised approach

An optimised approach allowing a real identification of the risks

Specific action plan

A precise and relevant action plan to achieve compliance

Follow-up and full support

Complete follow-up and support in the deployment of your action plan

Valued and validated expertise

Valued and validated expertise in many sectors of activity

The technical expertise of our engineers enables them to define the ATEX / Explosive Atmospheres zones that are best suited to industrial processes. In this way, the costs involved in matching the material are avoided.

Our objective: to offer a global service in ATEX

Novallia supports companies in :

  • Worker Protection
  • Industrial risk prevention
  • Environmental protection
  • Protection of property

Our methodology for dealing with ATEX risks

The service includes :

  • Assistance in determining ATEX risk zones
  • An examination of the suitability of equipment installed in ATEX risk areas
  • Determining the technical and organisational measures for prevention and protection against explosive atmospheres
  • Drafting the Explosion Protection Document (EPD)
  • The provision of an ATEX risk monitoring tool
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