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The growing need for the use of management systems

Whether it is a voluntary approach within the framework of the company’s general strategy, through the example set by suppliers or at the request of customers, many companies are becoming aware of the need to order their various initiatives and plans in the fields of quality, safety, environment orenergy

In fact, Management Systems are a response to this need because they allow

  • define a strategy for continuous performance improvement
  • to organize the necessary means
  • to involve management and employees.

How to set up these management systems?

The implementation of these systems can be achieved through the use of globally recognized standards, the main ones being ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 50001. These four standards have increased their compatibility to such an extent that Integrated Management Systems (IMS), which can cover two or three standards under a single system, are now widely developed.

Novallia supports you

Novallia provides the following services:

  • initial audit in relation to one or more Standards
  • support towards certifications
  • integration of management systems
  • blank audits
  • training for managers and employees // internal auditors
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