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As stipulated in the decree of 20 February 2010, the hazard study must be attached to the application for the opening of a first or second category establishment.

The hazard study is a technical study that determines the possible dangers of the establishment’s activity and sets out the measures and means of prevention against the risks of fire, explosion, panic and major industrial accidents.

The technical expertise of Novallia’s engineers will make it possible to draw up the hazard study which will contain the following elements

  1. A general presentation and a non-technical summary
  2. A description of the environment of the establishment (natural conditions, dangerous proximity, nearby areas and services, etc.)
  3. A description of the establishment, its facilities and business and operating procedures.
  4. A Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis.
  5. A determination of the measures to be taken in order to limit the possible consequences.
  6. A determination of the impact of the establishment on the environment (summary of the environmental impact assessment).
  7. Identification of procedures and resources for responding to accidents
  8. A presentation of the important elements for safety
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